Giveaway! The Limefuel L28N5 Battery Case (CLOSED WINNER CHOSEN)


This contest is closed, please congratulate the winner SIRREED!


Yesterday we brought you a review of the Limefuel L28N5 battery case, and it left us very impressed. Read the whole review HERE. We liked it so much we decided to team up with the awesome folks over at Limefuel to give away an L28N5 to ONE lucky Techaeris reader! Yes indeed, you could win your very own Nexus 5 battery case from Limefuel and Techaeris! 

Limefuel L28N5 Case Giveaway….Nexus 5 NOT included

Now for the rules. 

You must follow ALL steps to be entered into the contest. If you do not complete ALL of the steps you WILL NOT be entered into the contest, so it is important that you follow directions. Read ALL the directions all the way to the end, there are IMPORTANT links you will need at the very end.

1. You MUST follow Limefuel AND Techaeris on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook. (links are at the end of this post, no need to follow on all three, one of them will do)

2. You MUST share this post to the social network you followed us on, be it Google+, Twitter, or Facebook. (it must be this post from this website, not a repost…hint, use the social media share buttons at the top of the post)

important: Step 3 & 4 are related so pay close attention

3. You MUST comment below and tell us why you want the L28N5. (comment must be made below on this post NOT on social media)

4. You MUST include in your comment below which social network you follow us on and link to your reshared post. (simply copy the URL of your post from G+, Twitter, or Facebook and paste into the same comment you made in step 3)

That’s it! Just Follow EVERY step and you will be entered to win!

Winner of the L28N5 MUST post a picture of themselves with the L28N5 on their Google+, Twitter, or Facebook and be sure to TAG Limefuel and Techaeris. (we understand not everyone wants their mug out on the web, so a pic of the L28N5 in your hand is fine, but we sure would like to see a smiling face:-)

This contest is open to everyone! Yes everyone! Worldwide! Limefuel will be notified of who the winner is and ship the prize to them. Limefuel and Techaeris staff and family are not eligible. Contest runs from March 5th until March 12th 12pm CST (Central Standard Time Chicago).

Links you will need

Limefuel on Google+  /  Techaeris on Google+

Limefuel on Twitter  /  Techaeris on Twitter

Limefuel on Facebook  /  Techaeris on Facebook

If you just can’t wait! You can BUY the L28N5 at this>>>>> Limefuel L28N5ir?t=techaeris 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00GG0S00A <<<<<link.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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