Review: UNU Aero Wireless Charging Case iPhone 5/5s

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The competition in the iPhone battery case arena is so hot I’m finding it hard to say anything really new about them. I’ve reviewed several battery cases for the iPhone 5/5s in just a few short months. Each one did what it was supposed to do and each one had their share of quirks and really nice features. So, what could a company possibly do to stand out from all the other battery cases? Go wireless.

All The Details

First let’s show you all the specs.


Let’s get the obvious and most alluring feature of the UNU Aero out of the way, wireless charging. That’s right, this baby features wireless charging for your iPhone 5/5s! Included in the package you’ll find the UNU charging pad. After putting your phone into the case and plugging the charging pad into a power source, you simply lay the phone (in case) on the pad and the charging process begins. It’s that easy. And the beauty of the wireless charging here is, the charging pad will charge both the phone and the case so you never have to take the case off. This wireless charging feature makes the UNU Aero hands down the best battery case I have used for my iPhone 5s.

So on to look and feel and everything else that is kind of important but really gets overshadowed by the fact this is wireless charging. The case is made of the typical rubber material a lot of battery cases are made of.  Although, it feels much slimmer than any of the others I have used recently. The UNU branding on the back could have been a little more subtle but that’s just personal preference. The power button is also on the back, I wish it could be moved to the side like iBattz’s Mojo Refuel. The weight of the case feels lighter than other battery cases I have used, and I really felt this case became part of the phone.

The UNU did an excellent job of charging the iPhone to a full 100%, and it did it very quickly. As with all the other battery cases, the UNU Aero kept my phone going all day without issue. I was also amazed at the time it took to charge both the phone and case. I typically plug my devices in just before bed and I get about 5-6 hours of sleep a night (sometimes more sometimes less). Placing the battery case with phone on the charging plate before bed resulted in a fully charged phone and case by morning.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The UNU Aero is King Of The Ring when it comes to battery cases for the iPhone 5/5s. I have reviewed several battery cases and have given great marks to them, and they’re still great cases! But the UNU Aero’s wireless charging feature takes the battery case up a few notches. I love being able to just lay my phone down and not have to plug it in, along with the case itself. I know I am not done reviewing battery cases, in fact I have another one due for review very soon. But it’s hard not to see the advantage the UNU Aero has. There were a few things I think could be done better, but they’re minor aesthetic complaints that not everyone will agree with. Although, I would love to see the power button on the side rather than the back. The UNU Aero gets a huge 5 out of 5 stars from me. Wireless charging for the iPhone, need I say more? The UNU Aero is priced at $99, well worth the money for what you’re getting. Hit the link below to order your UNU Aero.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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