Amazon Diving Into Streaming Media Next Week


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Re/code is reporting that Amazon will be releasing a set top streaming box next week allowing users to stream Amazon content to their TVs, this pits them squarely against Apple, Google and Roku in the streaming space. Apple has reportedly sold 13 million Apple TV units while Roku is in a hot second with 8 million. Google brings up the rear, without a solid metric but said to be in the millions, with it’s wildly popular Chromecast. The set top streaming space has no clear leader at the moment, I think people are still feeling this market out. And with newer TVs already offering Netflix built in, the streaming boxes need to offer something more. Apple has added new content to its Apple TV over the past few months as has Roku. Chromecast is also on the move adding more Chromecast compatible apps to its lineup.

Amazon seems to have done well with its tablets and Fire OS and wants a little more of the pie, not to mention its own outlet for its content. But are users ready to add yet another device to their pile of devices? Chromecast is a definite player to watch out for. Not only can you stream Netflix, Plex and HBO Go but you can cast Chrome tabs from your computer allowing you to watch video content from your PC on your TV. Not to mention the Chromecast is dirt cheap and one of the most portable options on the market.

It’s going to be an interesting landscape once Amazon announces this officially. In the end it will be the users, with their dollars, who speak the loudest. What do you think about an Amazon streaming box? Is this something you would use? How do you think this will play into the streaming box landscape? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter and Facebook!

Source: Re/code

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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