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HTC just announced and unveiled their newest flagship phone, the HTC One M8. The M8 is the much anticipated follow up to last year’s HTC One M7. Initial impressions and reactions seem to be positive for the M8. Having owned the M7 before my current iPhone 5s, my initial impressions of the M8 are also positive. It seems HTC has managed to take an excellent design and make it that much better.

With the Galaxy S5 already announced and available soon, and the HTC One M8 already available to some, how can Apple take advantage of its position? What do I mean by that? Well, the Galaxy S5 was announced to some mixed reviews. Many in social media, including bloggers and journalists, made fun of the S5 and its “band-aid” back. Some mocked Samsung for not innovating and merely playing the incremental upgrade game. So while Samsung currently holds the top spot, it remains to be seen if the S5 design and specs will be a winner with the majority this time around.

Now HTC is in a different quandary. They’ve released yet another awesome phone (though the One M7 did have its own issues, like dead pixels and gaps in construction) but aren’t even in third place behind Samsung and Apple. HTC also doesn’t have the marketing muscle that Samsung and Apple have backing them. So could this be the opening Apple needs to make their iPhone relevant again?

Apple is going to need to make some big changes in its upcoming iPhone 6 for users to pay attention. Android’s success has partially been due to the screen sizes they have been offering along with its much more customizable user interface. While I don’t think Apple is ready to make drastic changes to iOS itself, I do believe that a rumored bump in screen size is indeed going to happen. If Apple does indeed offer a 4.7″ screen it could be enough to bring them back into the race against Samsung. With some of the early complaints about the S5, design could play a big role in users’ choice between the S5 and iPhone 6. I could really see Apple winning users in that battle. And while the HTC M8 is a brilliant phone, and in my opinion, right up there in every way with the iPhone, it remains to be seen if HTC can effectively market their device to succeed beyond a faithful core.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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