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Apple Document Hints At Worries About iPhone Sales Decline


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The folks over at Re/Code are reporting an internal document from Apple shows that some of its sales force was worried about iPhone sales and the impact the competition has had on them. Parts of this document were shown to the jury in the Samsung Apple lawsuit.

“Competitors have drastically improved their hardware and in some cases their ecosystems,” a member of Apple’s sales team wrote in a document that was prepared as part of a fiscal 2014 offsite meeting. Portions of the document were shown Friday to the jury in the Apple-Samsung case. Schiller noted that he didn’t agree with much of the document, which he said didn’t represent Apple policy.

The amazing thing here is it seems Schiller is dismissing the findings in their own report. The facts are that Apple competition is getting better, you need only to look to the HTC One M8 and even the Galaxy S5 to understand that the high end players are that much better. Even phones like the Moto G and the Nexus 5 are leaps and bounds better than the same level of phone was a few years ago. If Schiller is choosing to ignore these facts and he’s dragging Cook into the same mindset, well, Apple’s days will be numbered in the mobile business.

I myself am a iPhone and iPad user but I’m not blinded to Apple’s ecosystem, I see value in both iOS and Android. But if Apple, Schiller and Cook refuse to admit that it’s time to change strategy and that it’s time to bring something new to the people, then they’re sadly going to continue to be overrun. I don’t want to see the end of Apple in mobile, and if you’re a happy Android user, you don’t want to see the end of them either. We need a few healthy opposites to drive innovation. I truly hope Apple can refocus their game and get back to making great products.

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