The Ongoing Photographic Journey

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Photographic Fotocamera Olympus om2 del 1975
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Since I’m new to everyone, I’ll give a little rundown on how I started on my photographic journey.
I’m not a pro by any means, but I love to grab my camera and find amazing things to take shots of.

I bought my first REAL camera back in 1984; it was in a pawn shop in Misawa, Japan while in the service. I spotted an Olympus OM-2. It had a basic lens, case and a few other odds and ends. So when I bought it, I thought I was big-time. Especially since it had a black body!
As time went on and life happened, I made the choice to sell that kit that I had built up. Looking back, it was quite a foolish thing to do.

Fast forward to 2003, and my interest had moved back into photography again. The digital world was very young and I wasn’t quite prepared to go with a full blown DSLR, so I opted for a Fuji Finepix S7000. It was a pretty decent camera for the day and I spent a bunch of time trying to grasp the new digital technology in relation to what I had learned from my film OM-2. Mostly ISO, and how it was now a slightly different term in the digital world.

One afternoon in 2005 at the Mendenhal glacier in Juneau, Ak, a group I happened to be walking with spotted a bear and her 2 cubs. As I was clicking off shots: very slowly I might add (the S7000 wasn’t much of a speed demon) this fella next to me had this massive camera set up and was clicking off shots 3 or 4 to one of mine. That was the day I determined the point and shoot wasn’t cutting it for me, and it was time to make the leap into the world of DSLR’s.


After a lot of thought and window shopping, I settled on a Nikon D80. It wasn’t the top of the line, and it did have some limitations. But it was a pretty good camera(and still is), and would serve me well.

As time went on I took photos of everything, and took it with me everywhere. I learned how my camera and my lens combo worked in certain light conditions; how ISO/Aperture/Exposure/Shutter Speed worked together, when and why I would shoot in jpeg or RAW. I read, and read, and read, anything I could find on photography.


I learned (and believe me, that is a never ending process) how to frame a shot, composition and so on. It really had become a life long learning adventure.  I suppose I will never really learn all there is to learn, but I thoroughly enjoy the process of learning, experimenting, and growing as an artist with my medium

I’ve since upgraded to a Full Frame camera body and lens, so I feel I’ve moved into another realm and a new path of growth.


Take a look around; there are tons of ideas and great equipment out there to get you going on your own photographic journey

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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