Kickstarter: The FretPen, A Guitar In Your Pocket



There are hundreds of Kickstarter’s going on at the moment all pining for your attention. One of those projects is from Fretlabs, the creators of the FretPen. This thing is brilliant, a pocket sized guitar you can take with you on the go! FretPen just launched on Kickstarter and is already over $2600 with a goal of $35,000 and 29 days left. Be sure to hit the link at the end of this article to become a backer. The FretPen is an awesome for any guitar player regardless of ability. Check out the video and details after the break!

Never leave your guitar behind again. FretPen is a super portable wireless practice instrument!

MUSIC is powerful; it unites, motivates and inspires us. We dream of joining our favorite band or artist on stage. And, nailing that solo or favorite song on guitar.

But, where’s your stage? Days filled with commutes, meetings, classes and other activities don’t leave much room for playing guitar. Or, do they?

Practice, learn, or just have fun making music — anywhere — with FretPen. With matchless portability and an authentic playing experience, FretPen means you’ll never leave your guitar behind again. And best yet: The real-world skills and muscle memory you develop with FretPen are directly transferable to a full-size guitar.

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Portability meets playability

Ever had a practice session cut short by demands like work, school or a dentist appointment? Unfortunately, bringing a full-size guitar with you to these places isn’t an option.

That’s why we created FretPen. Much of the time you spend waiting could be spent playing — if only you had the right guitar.

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FretPen goes with you anywhere, and it’s built from authentic materials to deliver a realistic playing experience. Its modular design combines superior portability with wireless playability through your iOS device. Enjoy studio quality guitar tones through headphones or external speakers.

“Finally, something I can take and play anywhere!” —Parker LundgrenQueensrÿche

Something for everyone

FretPen is for beginners and experienced players! It’s an accessible and fun introduction to guitar for those just starting, kids and air-guitarists-turned-shredders. Pick it up and you’ll be jamming in seconds.

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Support the Kickstarter by hitting the Kickstarter LOGO below.


Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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