Review: Supernova S5 Aluminum Bumper For Galaxy S5

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Draco Designs is no stranger to Techaeris or, for that matter, to my hands. I’ve reviewed their awesome products before, and when they sent me their Supernova S5 for the Samsung GS5 I knew I was getting something special. Before we get too deep into the review I will say this, as I always say before reviewing something of this caliber…this bumper is high quality, and it comes with a higher cost than other bumpers.  If you’re not prepared to spend a little money, then this is probably not the bumper for you. Now on with the show. 

Design and Quality

First let’s talk about the packaging. I always begin there because packaging is a huge part of the overall presentation and for me it shows if the company cares about their product  or not. The packaging isn’t overwhelmingly cool, but it is minimal and showcases the Supernova very well. It’s certainly not cheap packaging, and you can tell Draco put some thought into it, so thumbs up on the packaging.

Opening up the package you’ll find the bumper, hex screw driver, and a couple extra screws (there are two screws already in the bumper) along with a brochure with the authentication check. Pulling the bumper out of its place holder the first thing you notice, as with all Draco bumpers, is how light it is. You would think you were holding a plastic bumper, it’s that light. The next thing you’ll notice is the aircraft A6061 grade aluminum this thing is made out of.  It’s beautiful. The machining job they’ve done is impeccable, every line is smooth and symmetrical really showing off that signature Draco profile. And, speaking of the profile, it’s slick, the curves are well done and fit your hand beautifully.

There is nothing cheap about the Supernova. The design is just as awesome as the rest of their bumpers, and the quality is top notch with the A6061 aluminum. The cutouts are all accessible and the volume rocker works wonderfully! The IR blaster is covered by plastic, so it is useable. The one thing we had trouble with was the power button. The power button didn’t function very well but before I could reach out to Draco about the matter they contacted me. They found the flaw and are currently producing a fix.  My replacement power button will be here shortly. So kudos to Draco for being proactive in fixing issues. If you order one at the time of the writing, you should get one with a proper power button.


The Supernova is top notch protection for the Galaxy S5.  With the Draco bumper for the iPhone 5s there’s the concern for the back of the phone. But with the Supernova, because the S5’s back is plastic and pretty durable in itself, there is no concern for the back of the phone. The front of the phone is protected by a slightly raised lip and, of course, the edges get the most attention from the A6061 aluminum.

I’ve used other high end aluminum bumpers and Draco stands head to head with them in the protection department. You should feel confident that this thing will protect your investment. I would recommend a screen protector for the front of the phone.  While the phone does have the front lip to protect the front, it is a bumper designed for around-the-edge protection.

Final Thoughts

The Draco Supernova doesn’t disappoint. It’s more goodness from Draco Designs. The company is one of the top-notch, high-end aluminum bumper makers out there, and they show why once again with the Supernova. The Supernova doesn’t add too much bulk to the phone, and it gives the phone that Draco look. It will certainly make your phone look different from any other S5. Protection is top notch around the edges and no worries about the back given the S5’s back is pretty durable. I recommend a screen protector for the front to enhance the front lip protection. We almost took some points away for the power button issue but Draco contacted us and the fix is incoming, so props to them for forward thinking customer service. Overall, this is a solid bumper at a great price for an aluminum bumper at $79.99. I’d recommend this bumper to any S5 user as well as any of Draco’s bumpers in their store.  They’re just a solid company with a solid product. Huge 5 stars for these guys once again. Pick up your Supernova at the link below!

Draco Supernova Bumper

Draco Main Website


Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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