Analyst Claims He Has Details About Apple’s Smartwatch



Let’s be clear here, until the fruit company makes an official announcement nothing any analyst or leakster says will hold water. That being said, Brian Blair of Rosenblatt Securities claims he has details about Apple’s possible smartwatch which he says come from a Taiwanese supply chain for Apple. I usually try to avoid articles like this but the source site is Pocket-lint and I had to laugh at the headline for their story (Apple iWatch details leak, said to look like the Moto 360). The reason Mr. Blair and Pocket-lint say the Apple smartwatch looks like the Moto 360? Because it is round. Yes it is round. Which kind of makes it look like a hundred different watches on the planet doesn’t it?


Mr. Blair also claims that the Apple smartwatch will have a slimmer profile than the Moto 360 and will go into production around July or August and may launch in October. There’s really nothing worth noting in the Pocket-lint article other than a very nice rendering of the watch. I think the headline was crafted to get people to click through, read the article and then proceed to flame one side for copying the other. But I’m calling it out right now. If the “rumored” Apple smartwatch is indeed “round”. Then we should go way further back than Moto 360 to claim copying. Now if the UI and software are a carbon copy of the Moto 360 then you might have an argument. But really? The round shape makes it look like a Moto 360, methinks someone is trying to ignite some fires. What do you think? If Apple’s smartwatch is indeed round, are they copying Motorola’s Moto 360? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Links to our social networks are to the left of your screen.


Source: Pocket-lint

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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