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koogoo_iconAndrea Corvi’s latest Android icon pack, KooGoo, is something altogether different. Typically, I favor minimalistic icon packs when using Nova Launcher on my Android devices. Koogoo, however, struck me instantly as a pleasant alternative to my usual minimal themes.

Screenshot_2014-05-27-14-19-42Let’s start with compatibility. The KooGoo icon pack supports Action Launcher Pro, ADW/EX Launcher, Apex Launcher, Go Launcher, Nova Launcher, Smart Launcher, Solo Launcher, Aviate Launcher, Next Launcher, KK Launcher, and Inspire Launcher. With frequent updates, I’m sure that as new launchers rise in popularity, Corvi will continue to support additional launchers.

Screenshot_2014-05-27-14-19-32Additional features include a humongous (read: 88!) set of beautiful wallpapers built in, a fully functional dashboard with request and support options, and a full list of all 1500+ HD icons. Personally, I’d love to see that last feature in every icon pack with a dashboard – I love being able to scroll through and look at all of the gorgeous icons. There’s Muzei live wallpaper support and an icon search function as well, which all feel like added bonuses, especially when you get a view of the beautiful icons.

Stylistically, KooGoo is very unique. Each icon’s symbol is set on an ever so slightly imperfect circle, lending the gooey look that you’d expect from an icon pack titled “KooGoo.” The texture of each icon is only slightly grainy, but it looks nice and isn’t distracting. Most icons’ symbols are stylized in a fresh look that feels familiar but modern, but not every icon is simply a symbol. Some, like the Chrome and Pocket icons, meld each app’s symbol into the entire icon itself instead of slapping a symbol on a background. Obviously, this doesn’t work for every icon, but for the icons that Corvi has designed in this way, it just looks so damn good. It’s a wonderful touch and adds a nice bit of variety to your homescreen. All of Corvi’s icons are crisp and feature beautiful shading.

Screenshot_2014-05-27-14-20-06When it’s all said and done, Corvi has done an excellent job with KooGoo. The colors all jive really well together. Even currently unsupported icons don’t look at all bad when this icon pack is applied, something that pleasantly surprised me. I really like KooGoo, and I look forward to Corvi’s upcoming projects!

You can grab KooGoo for $1.59 USD from the Google Play Store.

Don’t forget to leave Corvi a review on KooGoo if you enjoy the icon pack!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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