NVIDIA GeForce Experience Updates with Frame Rate Counter, Desktop Capture and More


NVIDIA GeForce Experience Update

If you happen to sport an NVIDIA based graphics card inside your humble gaming PC, then you should be pretty familiar with the NVIDIA GeForce Experience app. It is an app that keeps the drivers for your card updated, allows you set up connection for a NVIDIA Shield, set all the graphic settings needed for your games and a whole lot more. Mostly, it is an amazing piece of software that allows you to record yourself gaming and even stream yourself gaming to Twitch.  While I have a GeForce GTX 760 OC card, and do a fair amount of gaming, I am still a bit of a noob in all the things the Experience app is capable of. However, I do know that the update that I was just prompted for is a rather interesting and important update. Here is what is new from the change log presented at update time.

GeForce Experience 2.1 Release Highlights

  • Adds in-game framerate counter
  • Shadow Mode can now be used with desktop capture
  • Adds push-to-talk functionality
  • Extends capture resolution up to 2500 x 1600
  • Improved audio synchronization when editing with Adobe Premier
  • Improved Twitch streaming stability
  • ShadowPlay on/off state now persists across self-update
  • Improves self-update installation speed

  • Various bug fixes

NVIDIA GeForce Experience Frame Counter

Personally the addition of desktop capture ShadowPlay, which is what allows you to record your gaming victories or failures, is a rather nice touch and a great way to expand the software’s capabilities. It also doesn’t hurt that it extends capture resolution to 2500 x 1600 for those insanely detailed monitors that some of you have.

The update should prompt you at the bottom right of your PC screen. It did for me. If the Experience isn’t running though just launch it. It should be found in the list of apps under the NVIDIA Corporation folder. If all else fails, basically meaning you don’t even have the application, then read up in a little more detail and pick it up for your NVIDIA GeForce card at GeForce.com.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience Update

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