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SwiftKey, the Android replacement keyboard (that could soon come to iOS) is dropping it’s $3.99 price tag to FREE, permanently. You heard it! SwiftKey will now be a free app in the Google Play Store and on top of that there’s a ton of new features and customization in the latest update. Not only that but current SwiftKey users who previously paid for the app will be able to download a “Premier Pack” of 10 themes valued at $4.99 for free. This means you’re pretty much getting your money back from your original purchase.

SwiftKey, in my humble opinion, is the best Android replacement keyboard on the market and still well worth the $3.99 price tag, but hey, now it’s free, even better. Check out the full press release below for more on what SwiftKey is adding to their update and what they’re doing with this keyboard.

San Francisco, CA, June 11, 2014SwiftKey Keyboard, Android’s best-selling paid app, today sheds its $3.99 price tag to become free. This shift comes alongside an update to the app that introduces dozens of new free and premium keyboard themes, giving users more customization choices for their on-screen typing experience.

SwiftKey Keyboard replaces a mobile device’s keyboard with one that understands language and learns your personal writing style. These insights improve typing with more accurate autocorrect, prediction of your next word and other innovations like SwiftKey Flow, which lets you type faster by sliding your finger across the screen. The app launched in 2010 to critical acclaim, and is one of the world’s best-selling Android applications, spending more days at number one on Google Play than any other paid app.


Today’s transition to free gives all Google Play users access to that award-winning software at zero cost. This means that all of the market-leading features that have defined SwiftKey’s success as a paid app are now completely free. The move accelerates SwiftKey’s ambition to reach millions of new users, especially in developing economies. It also creates a more sustainable business model in the app, where users can choose to pay for themes and other content to further enhance their experience.

In making the transition, SwiftKey is rewarding loyal users who have previously paid for the app. These users can download a $4.99 “Premier Pack” of 10 themes free of charge. The app’s core functionality remains intact.

In addition to new themes, today’s update brings several other user-requested improvements. Support for over 800 emoji is now integrated directly into the keyboard, with a new prediction feature that learns how emoji are used and predicts them as you type.*

An optional dedicated number row is now available for the keyboard, making it easier to input numbers. SwiftKey’s word prediction engine has also been improved, with better autocorrect and more accurate gesture typing, and new global languages have been added, bringing the total number supported to 66.


SwiftKey co-founder and CEO Jon Reynolds said: “This is the start of an incredibly exciting phase for us as a business. We have made the decision to go free to better enable everyone, everywhere, to use SwiftKey’s market-leading technology without payment being a barrier. We’re focused not only on reaching more users with our powerful technology, but on building great content and features to engage them.”

SwiftKey co-founder and CTO Ben Medlock said: “With the latest version of SwiftKey Keyboard, we’re providing an even more intuitive and personalized experience for our users, which they’re increasingly expecting. We’ve expanded our design team to focus on developing creative and beautiful user experiences. Our commitment to innovation has never been stronger and we are looking forward to sharing more exciting developments in the future.”


This updated version of SwiftKey Keyboard will include:

SwiftKey Store

Stocked at launch with over 30 brand new themes, the SwiftKey Store will be regularly updated with fun customizable content.

New default theme

In addition to the new themes in the Store, SwiftKey Keyboard now features a clean new default theme design, ‘Nickel’, available free to all users. Nickel was designed to be a modernization and ergonomic improvement to SwiftKey’s ever-popular Cobalt theme.

Emoji Prediction

SwiftKey’s trademark prediction technology learns and proactively suggests from more than 800 emoji which are most often used with specific words and phrases.

Number row

Due to popular demand, this latest update introduces an optional number row for quick access without switching layouts or using long-press.

Improved prediction engine

Investment in SwiftKey’s core technology is higher than ever with a host of prediction engine improvements, including better support for complex languages and multilingual typing. Capitalization has also been enhanced, as well as the technology’s overall learning ability.

New language support

Support for Belarusian, Mongolian, Tatar, Uzbek and Welsh has been added.

New and improved flow trails

This gesture-based feature has been improved for better visibility and faster, more accurate input.

*Emoji are only supported on Android versions 4.1 and above. To enable emoji prediction, go to Settings > Advanced, and select the box marked “Emoji prediction.”

Editor’s Note:

SwiftKey Keyboard is available globally, for free, on Google Play. The app formerly known as SwiftKey Keyboard Free was a one-month trial of SwiftKey’s paid app and has been superseded by today’s app that does not expire.

Source: SwiftKey Press Release


Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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