Xbox One July Update Preview


Xbox One Achievement Snap Screenshot
Xbox One Achievement Snap Screenshot

Over the past few months, Microsoft has been updating the Xbox One on a monthly basis. It looks like July will be no exception as Xbox’s Larry Hryb, a.k.a. Major Nelson, recently previewed the Xbox One July Update. Each of these updates has proven to enhance the user experience and shows that Microsoft has been listening to its user base. With the July update, users can expect to see some interesting updates.

Snap Mode for Achievements

Achievement Snap will allow gamers to track their achievement progress in real time without having to leave the game and load the achievement app. The Xbox One will also be able to search the web and give you tips and strategy for those Achievements you’re having difficulties with.


Double-tap to Snap

With the Xbox One now available without the Kinect sensor, double-tapping a button on your controller will bring up the new Snap Center and allow you to snap any snap-able app. If you already have an app snapped, you can quick swap between your game and the snapped app with a quick double tap on your controller.

Choice of Spoken Language

For users in New Zealand, Ireland, and Austria, you will be able to select voice control using voice models from other countries. This functionality will be available in other regions as well allowing gamers to select the English language model that best suits them.

Future Digital Bundles and Compilation Discs

Xbox claims to be working with publishers to bring digital bundles and disc compilations in the future. This will definitely be a welcome addition as those who have adopted the digital gaming library this generation have frequently felt left out when it comes to bonuses for those who purchase disc versions of the same games.

“Like” Game DVR clips

Like, thumb up, +1, favourite – these are all items any social media site or application have. Xbox will be introducing “Like” functionality to the SmartGlass app for feed items and Game DVR clips.

What additions or changes would you like to see come to the Xbox One interface in future updates?

Source: Major Nelson

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.

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