Glass At Work Certified Partners Announced


Google Glass "Glass for Work" Screenshot
Google Glass “Glass for Work” Screenshot (courtesy Google)

Google announced their first round of Glass at Work Certified Partners this morning. The Glass Certified Partners are authorized for delivering enterprise solutions for Glass.

Read on for a breakdown of the first of these partners – Augmedix:


Augmedix is currently being used by Dignity Health in order to increase the amount of time doctors can spend with patients. In a pilot program in place since January 2014, three family physicians have used Google Glass in over 2,700 patient visits. Dignity Health has found that since the pilot began, the physicians have spent only 9% of their daily time entering data into Electronic Health Records – down from 33% before the pilot began. This has resulted in an increase in direct patient care from 35% to 70%.

How it Works

In conjunction with Google Glass, the physician launches the Augmedix software and then meets the patient. The conversation and video is streamed back to the Augmedix software, where automated and human resources enter the information into the patient’s electronic medical record in real time. Doctors also have the ability to access data and search for information simply by making a verbal request as one would with Siri or OnStar. The results are then delivered to his Google Glass. To ensure accuracy, the physician is still required to access the record, and must access the record to enter orders for tests or prescriptions.

Dignity Health Physician Daily Time Allocation
Dignity Health Physician Daily Time Allocation (courtesy Dignity Health)

Patient Privacy

As with any Google Glass application, concerns of privacy immediately come to the forefront. At Dignity Health, patients are informed both verbally and in writing about Glass and how it will be used during their visit. If the patient asks for Glass not to be used, the physician removes it – no questions asked. The Google Glass device can only run the Augmedix software and does not have Internet or other application access. According to Dignity Health, the information stream from Glass to the Augmedix software is sent over a dedicated, encrypted network.


The rest of the initial Glass Partners are listed below:

  • APX Labs – creator of Skylight business software for Glass
  • CrowdOptic – providers of content for live broadcasts and context-aware applications for sports, entertainment, building/security, and medical industries
  • GuidoGo – partners with museums and cultural institutions to help people to connect with art and culture
  • Wearable Intelligence – creators of Glassware for energy, manufacturing, healthcare and more

It’s interesting to see some real world business examples of how Google Glass is being utilized to improve access to information in order to add efficiency in every day working conditions.

Sources: Google+, Google DevelopersDignity Health

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.

Google Glass "Glass for Work" Screenshot

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