Adobe Enters Hardware Market With Ink and Slide


Adobe Ink and Slide Hardware (courtesy Adobe)
Adobe Ink and Slide Hardware with iPad (courtesy Adobe)

Just ahead of Adobe’s Creative Cloud press conference this afternoon, Adobe has announced that it is entering the hardware scene with a new product called Ink and Slide for use with two new free iPad apps Line and Sketch.

Ink is an aluminum, pressure sensitive, fine tipped, Bluetooth, Creative Cloud enabled pen. The pen has a side button for quick menu access and selection and contains a rechargeable battery and case.

Slide is an unpowered digital ruler that uses built-in gestures on the iPad. The Slide menu within the Line and Sketch apps allow for Slide to be used to make straight lines, shapes, and other common design elements including circles, ellipses and more.

Line allows the user to create precision drawings with adjustable pressure sensitive tip sizes – the harder you press the thicker the stroke. Being Creative Cloud enabled allows you to choose color themes from Adobe Kuler and access the Creative Cloud clipboard. By simply laying Slide on the iPad, a digital ruler projects on the screen allowing for perfectly straight lines to be drawn in the app. One of the coolest features of Line is that it allows you to trace any image accessed from the iPad or from Creative Cloud. Once an image is accessed and placed, you can adjust the opacity and begin drawing with the Slide and Ink tools.

The free Line and Sketch iPad apps can be used without Ink and Slide by using another stylus or just your fingers. When using the apps without the hardware, a digital slide is available which mimics the physical Slide hardware and allows for drawing of straight lines or other shapes – just as you can with the hardware device. Line also includes a perspective tool which allows you to change the perspective of the entire drawing at the touch of a button within the app.

The Sketch app functions as a pen and paper sketch pad and allows for color overlay, blending, and freehand drawing – perfect for artists. Once a drawing is completed, the sketch can be copied to Creative Cloud, or sent to Photoshop or Illustrator for further editing.

In progress artists work using Ink, Slide and Sketch
In progress artists work using Ink, Slide and Sketch (courtesy Adobe)

Ink and Slide is sold as a set for $199USD on the website. We’ll update you with the link once it goes live. In the meantime, check out the video below by Terry White from Adobe showcasing the new device and apps.


Source: Terry White

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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