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This week we discovered one very important feature for the upcoming Moto 360, Motorola’s smartwatch that is expected to be revealed on June 25th at Google I/O. Wireless charging will most likely be revealed for the Moto 360 as part of the product announcement on Wednesday. This information comes from an FCC filing last week by Motorola for a Smart Watch Wireless Charger.

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The wireless charging feature is just one more in a long list of features that make the Moto 360 the smartwatch to have. Some of the other features are the obviously gorgeous round design, the rumor of a sapphire glass screen, and of course, Android Wear.

So why does wireless charging mean so much?

Imagine two scenarios:
1) You get home for the night and before bed you slip your phone out of your pocket and plug it in, then you have to take off your watch and plug it in as well. In the morning you have to unplug both devices in order to use them.

2) You get home and plug your phone in but simply take off your watch and lay it down on the nightstand. In the morning the Moto 360 seems just like any other watch as you pick it up off the nightstand and slip it on your wrist for the day.

Wireless charging makes the Moto 360 act more like a wristwatch you have worn in the past. It allows us to accept the device more easily because wireless charging means no wires and for years everyone has been trying to get away from wires.

Not only does wireless charging make the Moto 360 seem more like a timepiece than another device, but it also removes the need for an awkward plug in the side of the Moto 360’s face. This absence allows for a really nice design with no abnormalities or open ports. I’m sure this also helps with water resistance on the Moto 360 as wireless charging does not require any openings.

Courtesy Techradar
Courtesy Techradar

Priced Just Right

It seems as if Motorola has inadvertently allowed the price of the Moto 360 to slip out to the public. Hidden in plain sight the price is located in the retail value section of the Face Off being held on Motorola Mobility’s Google Plus Page where they state the average “retail value” of the winning of a Moto 360 is $249.

So we know it looks great, has wireless charging, and android wear. Are you ready to get a Moto 360 smartwatch?  Let us know in the comments below, or on any of our social networks.  Links can be found on the let side of your screen.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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