Bundle Roundup 07/07-07/12: Games, Comics, Books

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It’s time for another Bundle Roundup, folks! This column will help you find some of the greatest bundles of games, comics, books, and sometimes even music at low prices. Don’t forget that there are still some amazing deals winding down from our last Bundle Roundup, so be sure to check out that post here. Support both regular and indie content creators alike by buying some of these great bundles!

Humble Weekly Bundle



This week’s Humble Bundle is the Eye Candy Bundle. There’s over $100 USD worth of gorgeous games available this week. Pay what you want for 3 games and 1 soundtrack, beat the average for 6 games and 4 soundtracks, or pay over $12 USD to unlock an additional game and soundtrack. The games are redeemable through Steam, and the soundtracks are DRM-free downloads directly from the Humble Bundle website.


Story Bundle – Weird Fiction


Story Bundle has added another collection of DRM-free ebooks to its offerings. From the fantasy genre, these books are all about weird creatures. You can get 5 books for whatever you’d like to pay, and an additional 3 books if you donate $12 USD or more. This bundle will run for another 16 days.


Bundle Stars – Reboot 5.0


The latest bundle to hit Bundle Stars features one of my all-time favorite games, Mount & Blade. For only $2.99 USD, you get not only that but 5 other games, all of which are redeemable through Steam.


Amazon – EA Sports Classic Pack


If you love classic EA Sports games, you’re in luck. Dropping $2.00 USD will net you a NHL ’09 and Madden NFL ’08 bundle from Amazon.


There you have it! Whether you love video games, comics, or books, you’re sure to find something that you want. What are some of your favorite bundle websites? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook. Our social media links are on the left-hand side of your screen. Stay tuned for our next Bundle Roundup!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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