OnePlus Clarifies Invite Giveaways Outside of Official Forums


The OnePlus One “flagship killer” phone launch hasn’t exactly gone well for OnePlus. However, an invite-for-purchase system, various delays, and reports of yellow tints on screens hasn’t slowed demand for this device. Today, OnePlus announced on their forums that they will permanently ban forum users who hold auctions, contests, or giveaways for their (or extra) OnePlus invites. OnePlus has clarified their original policy with an updated statement on their forums.

OnePlus added to their original policy change post stating that:

Your invites to share are for you to do whatever you want with them but please, if you decide to give them away randomly or on a contest that is held outside our forums, please refrain from posting any links to them in the forums.

OnePlus mentions three reasons for this:

1. We don’t want to see people getting scammed. We’d hate to see one of our forum members get scammed as a result of participating in an invite auction offsite, where we have no power to help the victims.

2. We don’t want to see people monetizing the invites. Invites are free, and they will be given out at a growing pace in the coming weeks. Don’t pay for an invite. Chances are, you’ll get yours very soon.

3. We want the invites to stay within our community. If you do have invites to give away, please offer them to your friends, family, and people within our community. These people are more deserving than those who buy them.

OnePlus went on to state that their Early Supporter invites are being sent out at a “rapid pace” and that “shareable invites are coming”.

As the invites are tied to a link that you have to claim after you create an account, presumably a permanent ban on the forum account violating the new OnePlus policy could block the invite from being activated – thus preventing the buyer/winner from being able to order a OnePlus One phone.

The reaction on the forum is generally positive, and while it makes sense to curtail auctions and people from selling invites, feedback on various social media sites were less than positive with regards to giveaways and contests also resulting in permanent bans – perhaps prompting the clarification by OnePlus.

What do you think about OnePlus’ new policy with regards to their invites? Let us know in the comments below!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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