Motorola To Release Nexus Phablet


After the rumoured demise of the Nexus line being replaced by the Android Silver project, the Android world rejoiced when a promise of devices was made. However we went past Google I/O without seeing a single Nexus device. The belief is that the devices will be launched alongside Android L at the end of the summer.

New leaks from Android Police and The Information have shown that there will be more than one Nexus device coming. Leaks of the ‘flounder’ device have been circling for a while. Rumoured to be a HTC made 8.9 inch Nexus tablet featuring the forward facing speakers from the HTC One series. This may be joined by a ‘phablet’

After finding ‘flounder’ in AOSP source code, Android Police have now discovered the ‘Shamu’ code name. Android Police went on to claim this is a rumoured 5.9inch Nexus phablet made by the now Lenovo owned Motorola.

Nexus Phablet

The Information has supported Android Police’s information stating that  ‘people familiar with the matter’ have confirmed its development. Motorola and Google are working on a phablet together using Motorola’s always on listening and active notification features. The belief is that since Google does not own Moto they are free to work closer together without backlash from members of the Open handset alliance.

nexus shamu motologo

The 5.9 inch although small in measurement is a giant leap from the original nexus one at 3.7inches, pushing the boundaries of most user’s preference. Google would be cutting off some users if they only produced a Nexus phone so large.

Android Silver

Interestingly The Information have also questioned the future or implementation of the Android Silver program at all. Android Silver was led by Googles Chief Business officer Nikesh Arora, who is now leaving the company. So Android Silver may never see the light of day, and we are left with the more favoured Nexus and Google experience devices.

This also brings into question the name of the device. The usual practice with the Nexus phone is a numerical value, coincidentally almost matching the screen size of the device. However the ‘Nexus 6’ name is a trademark used by the estate of Philip K. Dick, author of ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’ which the film Blade runner is based on. This is the same estate that has tried in the past to stop Google using the Nexus name altogether!

Will we see a Nexus 5 (2014) as well as a Nexus 9 and also Shamu? What do you think, let us know on Facebook, Google + and Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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