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When it comes to the world of fantasy writing there are often times races and characters who require special attention like creating a new language. Gene Roddenberry did it with his Klingons in Star Trek and Tolkien with many races in The Lord of The Rings. Most recently George R.R. Martin has done it in his critically acclaimed book series, A Song of Ice and Fire (the series behind Game of Thrones).

There are several books available on how to speak the languages of Star Trek and LOTR.

Now David Peterson has an upcoming guide on how to speak Dothraki, the language of the horse-warriors in Game of Thrones.  Due in October, the book will guide fans of the show on how to learn 4000 words in Dothraki, more than enough to put sentences together. Peterson is no stranger to creating languages, Dothraki is not his own but he was a key in bringing into full life with Martin. Peterson’s work includes SyFy’s “Defiance” and “Dominion” along with CW’s “Star-Crossed”.

“When it comes to living languages, there’s so much more beyond Europe,” Peterson told CNET. He’s a fan of languages from Southeast Asia, and West Africa languages such as Housa, but Dothraki is one of his favorites.
“I always like Dothraki because it’s non-European,” he said. Peterson is fluent in English and Spanish, speaks five more languages at varying levels of proficiency, and has also studied Acadian and Hindi”It’s great for picking people up,” he joked.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to speak some of the languages in LOTR but have found myself more frustrated than not. However, I applaud those who have the ability and dedication to learn a made up language. Heck I bow down to those who actually learn a second or third real language! I’m sure this is something more than a few people will be scooping up and before long we will be hearing the sounds of Dothraki in our fair cities. Check out the full story on CNET at the link below.

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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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