Review: Moshi Versacover/iVisor XT For iPad Air, A Perfect Combo

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For a lot of us the hunt for a good iPad Air case takes a few kills before we nail one down for good. I’ve gone through a few cases already that have been decent and usable but none of them nailed it for me. Moshi sent me their Versacover for the iPad Air along with their iVisor XT for iPad Air, hoping that they would be able to relieve me of my hunt.

Design, Look and Feel

The first thing to notice about the Versacover is how light and thin it is; it’s almost like nothing is there. This was one of the complaints I had with the other cases I’ve tried, they were just bulky. Not so with the Versacover. The Versacover’s thin profile makes it easily one of the thinnest cases I’ve ever seen. The back shell is a strong polycarbonate type material which is translucent and allows you to see the back of the iPad Air. The front cover is a nice soft material that looks nice and feels good. Overall the design of the Versacover is perfect, minimal and not overstated. Branding is even subtle with a nice Moshi logo on the back, out of the way.

Function and Protection

The Versacover has an origami style front cover that folds back and allows you to place the iPad in three positions: portrait, landscape, and typing.  My personal favorite is the typing position. The landscape position is perfect for watching movies though, positioning the screen at a 60 degree angle rather than the 40 degree angle for typing. The origami cover is sturdier than it looks and it held up very well in both landscape and typing. I initially had some problems getting portrait mode to work properly, but that was mainly because I tend to use landscape when the iPad is not in my hands. Portrait worked perfectly after a small bit of user error.  All ports are easily accessible and the cover supports the iPad’s auto-wake/sleep function.

As thin as it is, the Versacover does a remarkable job of protecting the iPad Air. I generally do not let my children play with my iPad, they have their own Android tablets they use. But on occasion one of them has gotten ahold of it and has dropped it. The Versacover has protected the iPad from several drops from around adult knee height and coffee table height. I was very impressed that it has taken the abuse well (there is one minor crack in the polycarbonate shell from one of the drops, but the iPad is perfect). Overall the Versacover offers excellent protection for everyday use, though I’d caution those who work in extreme conditions. If you’re in construction or other heavy environments, something bigger is probably better suited.

The iVisor XT

Along with the Versacover, Moshi sent along their iVisor XT screen protector. I generally don’t use screen protectors on my devices but this one had my interest piqued. The XT boasts bubble free application, superior clarity, optimal touch sensitivity, and it’s washable. Yes, washable. The XT is by far the best screen protector for a tablet I have ever used. Application is simple and it is bubble free because the adhesive is along the bezels only, not on the screen itself.  You can get it in white and black to match the iPad Air you have. It offers great protection to the screen and is easily cleanable without actually removing it for washing. Simply the best screen protector for iPad Air you will find anywhere.

Final Thougts

The Versacover for iPad Air and the iVisor XT screen protector combination is just about perfect for my everyday iPad use. After several rounds of cases I believe the hunt is over and I am a happy man. Not only does the Versacover look great, it protects your investment well. The best feature of this cover is how thin it is. Even with it on it looks thinner than other iPad’s with cases and adds very little weight to the device. The iVisor XT is just about perfect. I have used screen protectors in the past, only to peel them away and pitch them. Not so with the XT, it will remain on my device until it gives its last breath. I rate both the Versacover and iVisor XT a solid 5 stars. Moshi has done well with both of these products and I highly recommend you check them out! Hit the links below to get yours.

Moshi Versacover

Moshi iVisor XT


Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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