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Apple has amassed a huge stash of patents over the years. Not afraid to patent any idea they come up with, be it software, hardware or just a theory. Many times the ideas have not come to fruition, or they have simply been used to stave off other brands from using similar ideas. This time they have been granted a wireless power patent, but it doesn’t mean the new iPhone has wireless charging!

The awarded patent number 8,796,885, given by The US Patents and Trademark Office, is labelled “combining power from multiple resonance magnetic receivers in resonance magnetic power system”. Which many have wrongly implied this means the iPhone will be able to charge wirelessly.

While this may be the case when finally unveiled, it will not be using this patent. This technique is known as near-field magnetic resonance (NFMR) and it’s used to transmit a constant but tiny amount of power, namely from a computer or plugged in device. This is then received by technology inside one or many wireless devices.

This patent is aimed squarely at use inside things such as wireless keyboards, mice or other peripherals and will replace the constant battery swopping we see now. It will not transmit enough power to even begin to charge an iPhone or iPad like device. This type of charging or power delivery could be used for devices like wireless earphones but it’s unlikely the technology could be built into a mobile, at least at this stage.


We won’t have to wait that long to know what the next iPhone will be like. The device is hinted to be unveiled on September the 9th, just days after Samsung are set to announce the new Galaxy note and Galaxy Alpha. We know the screen size is set to increase but Apple are bound to have lots to show us. What’s next in the IPhone? Let us know your ideas on Google Plus, Twitter or Facebook.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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