The Playlist #1 – Video Games We’re Playing This Week!

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Welcome to Playlist! This is the weekly column, out every Friday, that lets you know what video games the MOARGeek staff is playing. If a title interests you, click on one of the images under the corresponding Download header and game your heart out!

Now, enough dilly-dallying – let’s take a look at this week’s Playlist!

Image courtesy of Awesomenauts developer.

Crystal Black, Writer

Awesomnauts – Platformer & MOBA

Snagged this during the Steam Summer Sale for silly cheap and it has not disappointed. It’s rather unique with the platformer play and MOBA style upgrade/talent system that you can spend your in-game money on. There are 15 ‘Nauts you can choose from in the original game (the new expansion, Starstorm adds four more) and each bring a unique set of skills and abilities that cater to every playstyle. Being a ranged/sniper type, Raelynn is definitely my favorite ‘Naut, she’s got my kind of sense of humor and attitude (her sniper is named Cuddles and her best line is “What do I feel when I shoot an enemy? Recoil…”). After being brutally wrecked in a few matches, I recently tried out a melee character named Gnaw. Basically he eats stuff and can place little plant spawns on the map, and while it may not sound game-breaking, it can really brutal depending on placement and which map you’re on. Not my typical playstyle but it’s AWESOME and fun, either way.


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Image courtesy of Gaslamp Games.
Image courtesy of Gaslamp Games.

Justin Jelinek, Associate Editor

Clockwork Empires – Simulation

I mentioned Clockwork Empires on the last episode of Aercast (sniff), but I’m still doing my duty for Queen and Country. This game is still in it’s Earliest Access stage for another week, and updates/fixes have been flying in frequently. There are still some bugs and kinks to work out, but it’s fun even in it’s current form. Imagine a Steampunk version of The Sims, with a great sense of humor, the eventual inclusion of supernatural forces and fish people.



Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

Jason Bouwmeester, Writer

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Strategy & Card Game

I’ve been playing Hearthstone on PC since the open beta and I have to admit, I’ve been playing a lot of it. This free to play strategy card game from Blizzard is quick, fast paced, and easy to learn. Featuring 9 different Blizzard heroes from various Warcraft games, players are pitted against each other with decks they customize from cards they unlock as they progress through the campaign, arena mode, and character levelling. Blizzard recently released the Curse of Naxxramas expansion with even more unique cards to earn and each week a new wing is opened allowing players to square off against 3 new bosses. Based on my experience, this really is a true free to play – not pay to win – game. Cards can easily be earned/unlocked in arena mode using in-game gold, and the Naxxramas wings can be unlocked using in-game gold as well. For the impatient, you can definitely put down real money to buy decks or unlock the new wings, but it isn’t necessary in order to enjoy the game as the many deck variations can overcome almost any opponent you face – if you play your cards right. Can’t wait for this to make it’s way over to Android soon.



Image courtesy Child of Light developer.

Christopher Wieninger, Senior Editor

Child of Light – Platformer, Action/Adventure, RPG

I recently picked up an Xbox One and, while browsing around the digital storefront, came across this little gem. Child of Light is a gorgeous action & adventure RPG with platformer elements and unique puzzles that are sure to make you smile at their cleverness. The battles are semi-real-time and have standard RPG aspects such as attack, defend, potions, and magic attacks. What’s really cool about the battles is the fact that you can manipulate the time between enemies’ attacks using Igniculus, your elemental firefly companion, which adds a wholly different element of strategy to the game. If you love beautiful games with intently engaging storylines and very clever dialogue, Child of Light is sure to impress!



Image courtesy of Day of Defeat: Source developer.

JP Harvey, Writer

Day of Defeat: Source – First-Person Shooter

My guilty pleasure goto game is Day of Defeat: Source. Long before I picked up any Call of Duty WWII games I was waging war on this game. Like Counter Strike, Day of Defeat was a mod to Half Life and garnered a pretty solid following when it came out. The shooting is aimed at realism and you’ll notice it right off when you see the insane recoil on some of these guns. Playing as German or American offers two different experiences as each side has weapons that represent their side. Sniping is almost a relaxing pastime as most maps provide one or two really good sniping spots or nests of which to work from. The Source engline updates the graphics significantly and makes for a smoother and prettier experience in the Hell of War. So grab your stick grenades and Thompson machine gun and go kill some Nazi/Allied in the theater of World War II. I recommend finding “Avalanche” as a map. It’s the 2Fort of DoD.



That’s it for this week’s installment of The Playlist! What are you playing this week? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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