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If there’s one thing that I am a solid geek for it’s music. I grew up with music all around me, my dad and my older brothers were both musicians. Most all of my uncles and some of my cousins, all musicians. So I naturally fell under the spell of music, picking up the drums at age 7 and then moving to guitar at age 11. One of the things I pride myself on is having an open mind when it comes to music. I like a variety of things and am willing to give most anything a shot at least once, The Violet Burning is one such case. Formed in 1990 by Michael Pritzl their moody, spacey and eclectic rock sound is somewhat of an acquired taste. Have a listen to one of their tunes after the break.

The band is the project of singer/guitarist/songwriter Michael J. Pritzl. Their first album was released through VMG, later albums included the Mainstream releases through Domo and Northern. Currently Independent. They have toured North America and Europe and managed to sell over 100,000 discs due largely to their frequent touring. Fans affectionately call them “The Violets” from Wikipedia.

Personally I love these guys and highly recommend their stuff to anyone who likes that moodiness type rock feel. Hit up their website below to check out more of their stuff including some free downloads, including their latest “The Story Of Our Lives” album. Very well worth your time!

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Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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