Brick-A-Pick: Just When You Thought Legos Couldn’t Get Any Cooler!!


Legos are way cool just on their own, but when you add some really creative ideas to them you come up with a masterpiece!! A new Kickstarter idea, Brick-A-Pic, allows you to convert any image into a Lego mosaic that you can build yourself. Here is my Lego mosaic:


You can make your own Lego image here.

Ok, so the obvious first question is “couldn’t I just do this myself?”. Of course you could… sorta. If you are artistic you could definitely figure out how to piece together your Legos in a mosaic to make a picture appear. You would, however, run into a few speedbumps along the way.  First, there’s the problem of using the right colors. Legos are consistently manufactured in only 16 different colors. You can still order retired colors but you’d have to search online for them and pay the shipping on each retired color order. Another challenge is figuring out the layout of the bricks. Just because you have the colors doesn’t mean you have the right size Legos to fit your mosaic.

Brick-A-Pick will do all of the hard work for you. They have created software that takes the image you upload and translates it into the Lego palette of colors. They are stocking up on all of the retired colors as well as the standard colors so when you order a kit everything will be included. You can still try to do it at home by simply uploading your image and ordering the instructions only. If you decide on the whole kit you’ll get your instructions and all the Legos needed to build your image. The plan is to offer a small (5”x5”), medium (10”x10”), and large (15”x15”) kit.

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Right now as the idea is still developing the concerns are that they may get so many orders without enough of the retired color bricks to be able to ship quickly. That is one reason the fundraising is so important at this point. They are hoping to raise enough money to stock 87,527 Lego bricks. As of today they have raised $25,527 out of the $50,000 goal they have set. There is only 3 days left in the campaign. I’m hoping they catch the eye of a wealthy Lego enthusiast so they can continue with this project. Because Legos make everything awesome!!! If you’d like to donate or get more information click here for the Kickstarter campaign.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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