Shots Fired As LG Tease FULL Circle Android Wear Watch!


Rumours have been circling that the G watch v2 would be launched next week in Berlin. However, as everyone waits for the Moto 360 with bated breath, they may just be upstaged by LG with their circular Android Wear watch.

It seems like forever that we have waited for the 360 to launch, and now, only a few days away, we may be treated to more than one circular Android Wear watch. Information leaked to engadget shows an incoming round Android Wear device called the LG G Watch R.

Specs are sparse about the LG watch, but there is a button on the side! This was a major criticisms of LG ‘square’ G watch. We will have to wait for LG to take the stage at FA 2014 next week to learn more. Check out the trailer below, although it might not stay up long if LG doesn’t like it.

This watch will come only hours after the Moto 360 finally is launched. So, does this affect anyone waiting to buy it? Will heads and wallets be turned by LG? LG takes a few shots at Moto with a direct dig to its not full circle in the teaser video.

LG Gwatch Dig
Image from Droid Life

Lets hope the LG G Watch R is as premium as the Moto promises. Swayed by the teaser? Let us know what you think in the comments below and on your social media of choice.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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