Is Apple Planning a 13″ iPad To Compete With Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3?

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The awesome news team over at Tech News Today discussed recent rumors that Apple will be offering a 13″ iPad to their hardware lineup. The 13″ iPad would be marketed as a desktop and tablet replacement, offering such a device jumps squarely into Microsoft Surface Pro 3 waters. Essentially this sounds like a MacBook Air without the keyboard. But is there a market actively looking for such a device?

The Surface Pro 3 doesn’t seem to be a run away hit, although (as Tech News Today says) the software experience is what has hurt the Surface Pro 3. Bloomberg speculates that Apple’s recent partnership with IBM could be part of the reason why Apple is jumping into a 13″ tablet/desktop replacement. I suppose they feel enterprise user are seeking this form factor.

Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook is working to shake up the iPad line. Sales of the tablets, which are Apple’s second-biggest product by revenue after the iPhone, have declined for two straight quarters amid a lack of new models and as consumers have instead gravitated to smartphones with bigger screens. Apple’s suppliers recently started manufacturing an updated 9.7-inch screen iPad, and were also set to enter production of a new version of the iPad mini, people familiar with the plans have said, with the devices set to be available later this year in time for the holiday season.

If a 13″ iPad is in the works it will certainly be the year that Apple did an about face. The new iPhone set to be introduced in September is all but confirmed to have a larger screen. It took some time for Apple to understand that consumers want a larger screen on both their tablets and smartphone. So we will see how if this new iPad does indeed surface (no pun intended. What do you think of a possible 13″ iPad? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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