Apple iWatch And iPhone 6 Event September 9th

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It’s official, Apple will be holding its next big event on September 9th. What makes this event a little more interesting is the newest rumors that there will be an Apple iWatch and iPhone 6 announcement. There has been much speculation about Apple getting into wearables but we have not seen any leaked iWatch prototypes or components.

This supposed iWatch is said to be taking advantage of iOS 8’s Healthkit but take the iWatch rumor with a grain of salt. We have seen leaked iPhone 6 prototypes and other components so we have a very good idea what we’re going to see. The word on the web is that Apple will indeed be introducing two iPhones, a 4.7″ model and 5.5″ model. News reports from a few weeks ago have said the 5.5″ will not be available straight away due to manufacturing challenges. Apple has rightly been criticized for making a late entry into larger phone screen sizes but is hoping to turn the tide with these latest entries.

Personally I believe two larger iPhones are a great start. Now they need to start working on revamping the UI in iOS 8 and giving a bit more control over aesthetics to the user. I don’t think this version of iOS is going to deliver what I believe is necessary for Apple to really climb up a few rungs, they’re too conservative to make such a drastic move. But if they’re smart they will start moving toward’s a more user controllable UI for iOS and they should start sooner rather than later. Be sure to check out the September 9th event being held at Flint Center for the Performing Arts, Apple usually streams their events LIVE for all OS X and iOS users and we will certainly be reporting as we can about the event.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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