ORA-1 A Google Glass Challenger With Some Tricks Of Its Own


The world of wearable technology continues to move forward even though it is still a niche market, everything new starts this way. It seems smart watches have a little more acceptance from the consumer at large than smart glasses. I think that’s in part to people’s misunderstanding as to how smart glasses work. ORA-1 is a $600 Google Glass challenger that offers some pretty neat features and is armed with some of its own patents. Check out the video after the break.

We covered the ORA-1, when it was called the ORA-S, back in January as part of our CES 2014 coverage. The makers of ORA are billing their smart glasses as an Android tablet in glasses form. Unlike Google Glass, ORA-1 does not need to be tethered to a smartphone to work. Keep in mind that smart glasses are still a new market with much research and development to be done. As we move forward they will gradually become smaller and more streamline. Check out a little more about ORA-1 below and then hit the link to check out their Kickstarter Campaign.

The ORA is the next logical step in mobility.  It is the future wearable computing paradigm in the form of eyeglasses allowing truly unique hands-free mobile AR experiences.

The ORA-1 is a developer platform to build great apps.  It is not an FCC, UL, CSA, or CE approved consumer product for everyday use (not yet anyway).

And yes, we know they are not the slimmest Smart Glasses in the world but with your help, we will get there soon 😉 (see “Evolution of the ORA” section below)

  • The disruptive see-through retinal projection technology at the heart of the ORA is protected by nine international patents. The optical technology is based on molded plastic components and is the most robust and scalable technologyavailable.
  • It has superior performance in terms of power efficiency, display size, and resolution. The see-through virtual display has three times the surface area and is twice as bright as the competition for an awesome user experience.
  • It includes the “Flip-Vu” feature to position the display in two modes (AR and Glance). It makes both “Augmented Reality” and “info snacking” possible with one product.
  • The ORA is the most complete and powerful smart glasses platform available today. It can run apps independently as a standalone Android device and includes a camera, 9 axis sensor, full suite of connectivity (BT, Wi-Fi, GPS), trackpad, and a powerful dual core microprocessor with enough memory to support complex applications.
  • It runs many Android apps natively!  We are using a standard version of Android with very little customization. The current version of Android is 4.2.2 and we are upgrading to KitKat.
  • It also includes the Wikitude AR browser for an AR experience out of the box. Some versions also include the Wikitude AR SDK to build powerful augmented reality applications.
  • The ORA is like an Android tablet in the form of eyeglasses. It enables a multitude of mobile computing and augmented reality applications like never before!

These major technical advantages are key success factors that will pave the way for Optinvent to create the next paradigm in the explosive wearable computing market.

Click Here For Kickstarter

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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