Guardians of the Galaxy Tops Labor Day Weekend Box Office


The results are in and, shocker, people still love Guardians of the Galaxy. James Gunn’s adaptation of everyone’s favorite group of a-holes continued to show off it’s staying power by topping the box office for the second weekend in a row, bringing in a cool $17.1 million and putting more butts in the seats than any film of the summer.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the only movie to top Guardians since it’s opening weekend when it did so two weeks ago, stayed on the heels of Guardians but is beginning to lose ground as it dropped from $16.7 million from last weekend to $11.9 million.

John Erick Dowdle’s As Above/So Below debuted at number three on the charts. Dowdle doesn’t stray far from his surreal horror roots with this film telling the story of urban exploration in Paris that goes horribly wrong,

People are still somehow paying real money to see Let’s Be Cops which is still clinging to the box office with a solid fifth place showing over the weekend. The movie’s script could have been created with a “generic buddy cop movie generator” algorithm and still come out the same, but it has some decent star power with the likes of Damon Wayans Jr, Rob Riggle and Keegan-Michael Key keeping it afloat.

After some rough reviews since last weekend and a general feeling that the film is essentially a re-hashing of the critically acclaimed 2005 film, Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For dropped like a rock from the number six spot on last weeks list to number fourteen this week. It’s not looking like this run will even come close to it’s predecessor’s $74.1 million domestic gross. Maybe they should consider adding a dancing tree and a talk raccoon? Or coming up with a new story? I don’t know, either way, this movie is going nowhere fast.

Don’t get too down on yourself if you’re a Sin City fan or just don’t like Guardians of the Galaxy and are sick of hearing about it (because we sure as heck aren’t sick of talking about it), the news isn’t all bad. Just remember that last year at this time One Direction: This is Us was the top movie over the Labor Day weekend. Seeing Chris Pratt shoot a bunch of aliens to a great 70’s soundtrack does not sound so bad anymore, does it?

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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