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Another iPhone 6 Rumor / Video Ahead Of The Official Unveiling


The leaks and rumors keep on coming ahead of September 9th as YouTube channel Rozetked brings us another iPhone 6 rumor / video to examine. This time it’s just the device, powered off but looking very much like the real deal. Rozetked did take the iPhone 6 apart to show the internals and are confirming that the device does indeed have NFC inside and an Apple A8 chip.

Many of the physical features look exactly like what we’ve seen already and if this is indeed a production model, that protruding camera is the real deal. Although from this video, it should be noted, it looks a little more refined and not as ugly as previous ones I have seen. Check out the video after the break (you will need to activate subtitles if you want to understand what they’re saying).

As you can see, this video pretty much shows the same device we’ve been seeing over the past month. The design is similar to the iPod Touch and looks to be pretty solid and sleek. Of course we can’t say what the build and design quality is until we have one in hand. September 9th is just around the corner, and we will soon see what Apple is going to officially bring to the table. With Android really dominating much of the market, this has to be a hit for Apple. I think the hardware is going to be something people will want, it’s iOS that I’m not so sure about. Time will tell.

  Source: SlashGear

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