Game of Thrones Season Five Will be Hodor-less


Everyone’s favorite television gentle giant Hodor and his crippled traveling companion Bran will not be appearing in season five of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Kristian Nairn, the actor who has brought Hodor to life in the award winning fantasy show, confirmed the duo’s absence in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC).

The mention seemed to be rather off-handed and no official mention has come from HBO so it is unknown if fans were supposed to be clued into to lack of season five Hodor-ing or not.

MONIQUE SCHAFTER: Fans around the world are hungry for the next series of Game of Thrones, but they’ll have to be patient.

KRISTIAN NAIRN: We’re not actually in Season Five, by the way. We have a season off. We have a year’s hiatus.

Fans of the show will remember that characters Rickon and Osha were absent from last season without so much as a hint of their absence from show producers so it’s likely that we would not have heard anything specific about Hodor and Bran either until later on in production or into the season itself.

It is not a big surprise to those caught up with A Song of Ice and Fire that Hodor or Bran will be absent from season five. Minus a few events here and there, their story is mostly caught up with the George R.R. Martin books they are based off of. Quite a few moments leading up to their current story location were skipped in the show, contributing to them being way ahead of other characters and their respective timelines. While the majority of season four was based off the third book of A Song of Ice and Fire, Hodor and Bran were both well into the events of the fifth book and, given Martin’s legendary slow writing pace, the show would have easily plowed through what was left in their book counterparts if they were given full screen time this season.

What is Kristian Nairn to do now that he will no longer be Hodoring on screen? DJing of course. When he doesn’t have obligations to the show, Nairn has been moonlighting as a DJ and running what he calls “Rave of Thrones”.  The Game of Thrones themed rave is always accompanied by a slew of cos-playing fans of the show, save for Nairn himself who says the Hodor costume normally used to save the giant from cold weather would be “hot as hell” in the direct lights of his DJ booth.

Beats dropping faster than your favorite Game of Thrones characters.
Beats dropping faster than your favorite Game of Thrones characters.

Up to this point,  Rave of Thrones  has been purely Australian event, but is making a stop in New York City this October.

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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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