First Look: Vin Diesel Reveals His Warrior Look for The Last Witch Hunter


Vin Diesel is worth following on Facebook. He’s candid about what he’s up to and often shows pics that are hard to find otherwise. Yesterday, he revealed his look for an upcoming project called The Last Witch Hunter that began filming recently. In it, Diesel will play Kaulder. Kaulder is the last of an army of witch hunters who have been fighting the evil witches of the world for centuries. Kaulder finds himself in modern day New York (because all things like this happen in New York afterall) and teams up with his enemy to stop the return of an all powerful Queen who you can imagine doesn’t care for humanity all that much. Kaulder was cursed by the Queen Witch to be immortal and now is the last remaining hunter left to deal with this menace.


Rose Leslie (img via
Rose Leslie (img via


The Last Witch Hunter will also feature Rose Leslie as Chloe, who you will recognize from Game of Thrones. She’ll be playing the young good witch that teams up with Kaulder to save the day.  The film also stars Elijah Wood and Michael Caine.

Diesel seems perfect for this considering his work as Riddick, the quintessential antihero. Based on reaction to the photo above, it seems that fans are eager to see him in this supernatural role.

The Last Witch Hunter is filming now.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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