Bungie Makes Last Big Advertising Push For Destiny With Live Action Trailer

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Bungie has spared no expense when it comes to hyping up their soon-to-be-released shooter RPG Destiny. Whether it’s doing the ice bucket challenge, letting you explore the game worlds in a custom Google Maps build, or giving everyone just enough of a taste in several open betas, the team at Bungie have made sure to keep Destiny in the forefront of gamer’s minds. And boy has it worked. Their latest attempt to relentlessly dominate your brain comes in the form of this fantastic live-action trailer showcasing a Titan, a Warlock, and a Hunter (that can teleport!) racing across re-creations of several worlds from our Solar System in Destiny.


If you weren’t already all-in on wanting Destiny when it drops on September 9th, this may just be enough to push you over the edge. While of course this is not in-game footage, it really nails the feel of Destiny that we have seen in the betas and gameplay footage as well as Bungie’s previous work. And I mean, come on, they used a Zepplin song. Of course it’s good.

Bungie is no stranger to using live-action shorts to promote their work, and it shows. Many other companies have attempted this form of advertising and it almost always falls flat and comes off as cheesy and over-the-top, but Bungie has taken their years of doing Halo promotions to deliver a believable and well-made short as a their last big push before the game’s release.

Be sure to keep an eye on MOARGeek for our review from J.P. Harvey when the game hits store shelves next week.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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