Walking Dead Expanded Universe? AMC Orders A Pilot


The Walking Dead is pretty great, I think we can all agree on that.  The graphic novels are an intriguing look into a dystopian future, and the AMC TV series has proven itself to be a successful adaptation of the original work.  But what if, for example, you were wondering how the zombie apocalypse was going over in France?  Or Dubai?  Or really anyplace in the world other than Georgia?  Seems that AMC is banking on people wondering that very thing.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that AMC has ordered a pilot for a Walking Dead companion series, following the exploits of survivors somewhere else in the world.  That “somewhere else” is yet to be determined, but AMC has several top minds on the project.  From EW:

The Walking Dead executive producers Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd and David Alpert are all on board for the new project. Dave Erickson (Sons of Anarchy) was tapped as showrunner back in March. Kirkman and Erickson recently turned in a pilot script, which we’re told really impressed AMC’s executive ranks.

“Almost from the beginning of The Walking Dead on AMC, fans have been curious about what is going on in the zombie apocalypse in other parts of the world,” said AMC President Charlie Collier. “In fact, beyond requests for zombie cameos, it’s the question I get asked the most. Obviously, we all take our stewardship of the original franchise incredibly seriously and we, along with Robert, Gale, David and now Dave, are all proceeding with extreme care in order to ensure that we are offering fans something truly compelling, engaging and distinct. We’re thrilled to be taking this next step with these remarkable partners.”

While we’re waiting to see where this new series will take us, how about some wild speculation?  I can’t imagine that AMC would phone it in, but I’ll be awfully upset if we end up following constable Grick Rimes with his son Earl and their band of mischievous survivors around the Mississippi Delta. I somehow imagine all of those characters having cartoonish mustaches for some reason.  Honestly, I hope we see how humanity is faring overseas somewhere. Someplace like Australia could be interesting… damn near everything else around there can kill you, why not zombies too?

What do you want to see from a Walking Dead expanded universe?  Let us know in the comments below, or on your favorite social network.

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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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