Google Glass Explorer Edition Available On Playstore


Google has officially made Google Glass available to anyone who has $1500 burning a hole in their pocket. That’s right, the retail release is not seeing any kind of price reduction. If you want the honor of wearing and using Google Glass it will still set you back a good chunk of change. Smartglasses are still in their infancy with many hurdles to still overcome. The market is starting to see other competition though, such as Sony or the more affordable ORA-1.

This kind of tech is probably not going to be for everyone, it takes a certain person to help mold and shape the future of smart glasses.

The regular consumer probably can’t see the use for such a device in their everyday lives and that’s where Google, Sony and others have a lot of work to iron out. It’s not easy to sell a product that doesn’t have a purpose to the general money spending consumer. This is partially why smartwatches are still an emerging market. Companies like Samsung, Motorola and Apple need to find a way to market their devices and convince Joe Consumer that they need it. I had the opportunity to buy Google Glass when it was invite from Google only and I had to pass. In all honesty, I’m glad I did. At that price point it is a huge investment in a device with limited functionality (which is subjective). What do you think of Google making Glass available to all?

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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