Let The iPhone 6 Videos Continue, Another Leak Emerges


We’ve been trying to keep up with the various iPhone 6 videos that have been hitting YouTube and we found one we hadn’t seen. This one contains some footage we’ve not seen, along with footage that’s already been in other leaks. It looks legitimate and most everything we’ve seen before is present. Protruding camera lens and iOS8 with room for another row of icons. Of course this could very well be another one of Apple’s targeted leaks as they continue to try and create buzz around their September 9th event. Watch the video after the break.


So after watching all these various video and photo leaks it looks like Apple has a solid hardware device coming on Tuesday, software is another matter. How about you guys? What do you think of these videos? Is the iPhone 6 you were expecting? Does it look like something you would lay down your hard earned cash on? What do you think of these video leaks? Think Apple is behind these to drum up interest? Let us know all your thoughts on everything iPhone 6 and iWatch related in the comments below. Or hit us up on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. September 9th is rolling in quick, let’s see what Apple has to bring and if they’ll be able to gain back some share from Android.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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