Apple Will Replace Bent iPhone 6 Plus Devices?


ZDNet is reporting via The Next Web, that upon speaking to Apple’s support desk, Apple will replace bent iPhone 6 Plus devices for users who have the issue. Social media has exploded with satirical content mocking the ailing iPhone 6 Plus (we even got in on the act) #bendgate.

Users are legitimately upset and concerned while trolls are just that, being trolls. Ironically it may have been those trolls who’s voice was louder than any other that is making Apple take a look into this.

The Next Web reports that in an online conversation with Apple’s support desk, the representative said bent iPhones will be replaced, as long as the handsets passes a visual inspection. Genius Bar employees must place the gadget through a test known as the “Visual Mechanical Inspection” before deciding if warranty covers the problem. When asked if bends occurring during normal use of an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus would be covered under warranty, the representative said:

“That is 100 percent up to the Genius you speak with at the store. There is a test called a Visual Mechanical Inspection that the device will have to pass. If it is within the guidelines, they will be able to cover it. If not, the replacement would be a paid one.”

So there you have it. If you’re suffering from a bent iPhone you might contact Apple and ask about a replacement. But be patient, with all the sales and backorders of the phone you might be in for a wait. Let us know if you have a bent iPhone 6 Plus and if you’ve been successful in getting Apple or your carrier to replace it.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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