iPhone 6 Bendgate Out Of Control? Here’s Some Of The Internet’s Best Responses

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Apple has had a rough couple of weeks.  iCloud was hacked, and celebrity photos were broadcast for all to see, the iPhone launch event was marred by the unfortunate decision to give everybody a free U2 album, millions of people don’t even have the new iPhone 6 in their hands yet, and those that do have found the build quality to be…lacking.  On top of that, they just released an update to iOS that changes the iPhone 6 into an iNotPhone 6.  Never let it be said that the Internet won’t smell blood in the water and go directly for the jugular, and over the last two days they’ve done just that.  Here are some of our favorite responses to the iPhone 6 Bendgate:

When possible, I’ll attribute images as best I can.  Many of these have spread so quickly that finding the original creator would be difficult.

Some went back to the keynote itself:



Others went with different branding opportunities:

Bendgate_BeckhamBendgate_RazrBendgate_DaliWhile others tried to offer helpful alternatives:

Bendgate_RollingPinA few people Meme’d it up, or went off the deep end with crazy .gifs



Even some brands got in on the fun!

As he so often does, Marques Brownlee offers a great explanation of the actual issue, and even invents a new EXTREME SPORT!

As I mentioned in the original article, we’ve really only seen a few instances of a (not purposely) bent iPhone.  While it seems odd to see even one instance of a phone bent after something as routine as putting it in your pocket, we’ve yet to see a truly widespread epidemic of #bendgate.  The internet is full of wildly creative people who saw an excellent opportunity to stick it to Apple, and so they did.  I highly doubt that Tim Cook or anyone else at Apple will be crying themselves to sleep though, it seems they still make a pretty penny when all is said and done.

What are some of your favorite #Bendgate images and ideas?  Let us know in the comments below, or on your very favorite social network.



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