Quick Review: Thinium Charge Foldable Docking Mobile Wall Charger

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Charging solutions are always something people are looking for. There are a variety of needs that are met by a variety of products. Thinium is hoping its Charge foldable, docking, mobile wall charger is the charging solution some of you are seeking. Thinium is a lightweight and super thin wall charger that comes in both Lightning charger and microUSB charger configurations.

The bottom portion folds out and forms a sturdy stand for your device, and it also has the Lightning or microUSB connector. Your phone rests nicely on this stand and the folding wall prongs are purposely set to less than 90 degrees so it helps hold the phone up against the wall. It even has a USB extension that pulls out of the chassis so you can charge on a laptop. It also comes with an adapter to accommodate your device if it has no case. Check out the video below to see it in action.

The Thinium Charge is lightweight, thin and thoughtfully designed. There is a definite market for this type of charger. It’s easy to throw in a wallet or pocket and with no cords it’s headache free. The one thing I wish Thinium had incorporated into the Charge is a twistable prong feature. Here in the Chicago area some suburbs only install horizontal outlets, which means when I plug the Thinium into the wall my phone is sideways. I tried it and it seems to work OK, but I’m not so sure how long the Lightning connector could take the stress of the iPhone pulling down on it. I really blame this more on the local building codes, most other places have normal vertical outlets as it should be. But it would be nice to see a version 2 of the Charge compensate for the situation. You can pick up the Thinium Charge on their website for $49.99. I give the Charge 4 out of 5, hit the logo below to pick yours up.

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*We were sent a demo unit of the Thinium for the purposes of this review.


Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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