PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX Sale And Free To Play Until 9/29


Calling all Pac-Man fans! Steam is having a huge sale on the Pac-Man Championship Edition DX as well as the All You Can Eat Edition Bundle.

This isn’t your daddy’s Pac-Man either, kids. Bandai Namco has updated the classic arcade game into a fast-paced, intense strategy game. Following the familiar format, the new version gives players additional objectives every level from score attacks to time attacks. Some levels objectives are simply to collect a certain number of fruits or eat a certain number of ghosts. Some games are five minutes, some last ten. The addictive nature to out-do our old scores has only intensified with the added goals and achievements!

In stark contrast to the mostly black and white game, Pac-Man Championship Edition features an array of colors, styles, and plenty of options for making your levels look far more visually appealing than the original game. From 3D to retro, there are tons of themes available to unlock the more you play (and the more you win!).

In addition to the enhanced colors of the levels, players can even further customize their experience by choosing from a variety of figures instead of the traditional Pac-Man and you can even select different versions of ghosts ranging from 3D versions of the traditional figures to rally cars.

You can gobble over to the Steam store and play for free until Monday, September 29th, or you can buy the game at a serious 66% discount for $3.39. You can also purchase the game and the All You Can Eat Edition Bundle, which features more courses and more skins, for a very modest $5.09. The game is also set to be released on iOS soon, however, it will be free to play with micro-transactions and wait timers.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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