Destiny: The Loot Cave Once Giveth, The Bungie Now Taketh Away

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A hot fix this morning for Destiny has indeed (as easily predicted) taken way the mechanics behind “The Loot Cave” as Bungie addresses the matter with tongue firmly planted in cheek fashion. As Bungie puts in a release put out this morning:

  • The Hive of the holy “Treasure Cave” have realized the futility of their endless assault on Skywatch and have retired to lick their wounds and plan their next attack.

The rest goes on to explain how all of the “cave” timers where you would normally camp for the infamous “Loot Cave” method of leveling have been increased exponentially thus making “cave leveling” virtually useless or at least too tedious and time consuming for viablility.

Like the Wizard that came from the Moon, you’ll live forever in infamy Loot Cave! (img via

Bungie also put out a release to address some of the community concerns about the game and the where the developers are on certain issues that seem to have been the cause for some negative reviews over the past couple of weeks since the release of Destiny.

(img via
(img via

In this release, Bungie explains where they are at on A LOT of issues that have come up (including the Loot Cave). The full version is very TL:DR so for the sake of brevity I will sum it all up but I highly encourage you to check out the release in full to get a complete view of where Bungie is at the moment and just what they plan to do about it.

  •  As Bungie puts it, He Who Shall Not Be Named (The Cryptarch) will most likely be a little less random in the future. Hopefully that means less green items for purple engram turn ins.
  • Notes about Cave Farming from Devs: “shooting at a black hole for hours on end isn’t our dream for how Destiny is played.” See above for how that got remedied (and remedied FAST)
  • Re: Voice options. Apparently proximity voice comms were left out to avoid “unwanted interaction” (aka Trolling, Bullying etc) but a solution is being worked on to add “opt in” communications for Crucible/PUGs (or any matchmade event) to improve communication and cooperation.
  • Strikes are harder than intended and will be nerfed to a certain degree.
  • They are happy with balance as it pertains to abilities and the overall variety of class options so don’t expect abilities  to change much.
  • Re: Exotic Weapons – “We’re here to offer some advice: don’t shard those guns. Their time will come.” Fair enough.

Weapon Balance however is apparently way off and they have plans to address this.

  • Auto Rifles are too good at longer ranges where they were meant for close range (Think Halo‘s SMG)
  • Scout Rifles aren’t as effective at mid-range or long ranges as intended. “We’ll be addressing this soon” , they said.
  • Finally, Shotguns. For lack of a better way to put this in an abbreviated fashion in my own summary, Shotguns are way OP and are gonna get hit HARD with a nerf bat (in other words, Shotguns are hitting WAY too hard and will be toned down a significant amount)
(img via
(img via

So Bungie is quickly reacting to the community from the game and is showing that they are going to play an active role in Destiny and it’s future.  This statement and the quick reaction of the hot patch to solve the Loot Cave issue signify (at least in my opinion) that Destiny is a “living game” so to speak and that Bungie isn’t just planning on releasing a game and sitting idle for months at a time until some DLC requires them to make overdue changes. Bungie from the get go has said they want to be active and responsive in this manner as to make Destiny the game they can be proud of.  I for one am encouraged that Bungie is responding and not just sitting back and ignoring issues raised in community and by players.

What’s your take?  Can Bungie with an active role address all of the concerns that seem to be “plaguing the game” according to the game reviewing media?

Hit us up in comments below or find MOARGeek on Google Plus, Facebook, or Twitter to get involved with the conversation.

Meanwhile, maybe we’ll see you on Venus …VENUS BABY!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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