Watch the Newest Trailer for Disney’s Big Hero 6


Disney has dropped a new trailer for their latest comic book adaptation, Big Hero 6, releasing later this year. This will be the latest film in a string of Marvel properties from Disney – and the first animated feature-length Marvel adaptation brought to the big screen.

While the Big Hero 6 film will be inspired by the comics of the same name, do not expect a lot of similarities. For one, the appearance of every main character has been drastically altered to fit a more kid-friendly audience and takes on the distinct style of some recent Disney animation films Frozen and Tangled. They are also reportedly not following any established stories in the comics, which have been around since 1998.

Previous trailers showed off the comedic side of the film which features the main character Hiro and his giant fluffy friend Baymax, but this latest preview shows more of the heart and back story of the film. It appears that a good chunk of the story is going to movie is going to center around Hiro’s brother Tadashi, his apparent disappearance, and the adventures that follow. Will you be checking out the film? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out Big Hero 6 when it releases nationwide November 7th and our MOARGeek review shortly thereafter.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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