12Bar App Changes The Way Rockers Rock Out


Every now and then I stumble across a project on Kickstarter that really stirs me up. It’s the projects that make me ask “why hasn’t someone already done this?!” that catch my attention. That’s exactly how I feel about 12Bar.

I used to read an article that compared the old way of doing things versus the new way with technology involved. It compared the amount of time needed and the effectiveness and ease of use for each method. For example the phone book vs Google. (FYI – I got in trouble for throwing the phone books away at one of my jobs once… who knew they still used them?! Weirdos…) Every now and then there would be something that just worked better the old fashioned way. It wasn’t too often but it happened. 12Bar is so affordable and easy to use I see it completely obliterating the old way and revolutionizing the way bands are creating their set lists and chord charts.

I’m not in a band but when I was a kid I used to grab a hair brush and rock out to my favorite Styx songs. Ok, maybe that was yesterday… but still… the one thing you don’t have to do when you are a pretend rock star is make a set list. If I decide to change the songs or the order Dennis DeYoung always just seems to follow along without missing a beat. Apparently in real life it doesn’t work like that. Here are the creators of 12Bar, Rich Williams and Jonny Mack, explaining the old way of doing set lists and why there’s a need for this app.

The ease of getting the info into the app is amazing. He sang the lyrics in and then simply used the drag and drop method to place the chord in position over the lyrics. Um… way cool! So easy even a pretend rock star could do it! Here’s the 12Bar walk through:

I’m not sure which feature I like the best the way you can easily share with all of the band members or the way you can change the key in one step.  As they said in the video, there are other apps available for this type of thing but none are as affordable or as user friendly.  I would really like to see 12Bar make it to the App Store.  There’s only a few days left of their kickstarter campaign and the minimum support amount is only a dollar. Click HERE to get more information. The rewards for backing range from 12Bar custom sharpies to a concert from the creators in your living room.  The living room is actually the venue of choice for fake rock stars like me – but these guys are legit! Check them out:

[button type=”link” link=”https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/12bar/12bar-for-ipad-create-and-share-chord-charts-and-s” size=”btn-sm” variation=”btn-danger” target=”blank”]Source: Kickstarter[/button]

Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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