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toast-lg-g3-1Surely, you’re familiar with Toast by now. Not just the delicious breakfast standby, but Toast covers, proudly made by a small team of talented individuals located in Portland, Oregon, USA. If you’re not familiar with Toast yet, hop on over to Blake’s review of the Toast cover for Pebble and Alex’s review of the Toast cover for the 15″ MacBook Pro Retina and check out their impressions. In case you need a reminder, Toast creates wooden covers for everything from smartphones to laptops, and every cover is laser-cut, hand finished, and made of real wood.

There are four types of wood backing for the LG G3 that will suit just about everyone’s taste. Toast sent me a cover with the ebony finish to try, but bamboo, ash, and walnut are also available. Although I prefer the walnut finish out of all of them, there’s no doubt that the ebony finish of the Toast cover is simply gorgeous.  It actually accents a black LG G3 very nicely, as I imagine an ash covering would accent a white LG G3.

toast-lg-g3-2Applying the Toast cover can be a little nerve wracking, but there are a couple of tricks you should know about. First, pre-fit your cover before trying to put it on. It pays to take a couple of extra minutes to make sure that you know exactly how the speaker grille and IR blaster ports are going to interact with the curving Toast cover. Second, make sure that you clean your phone with the included alcohol pad and a soft cloth, preferably a microfiber one. Third, apply your Toast cover to the backplate of your LG G3 while the backplate is attached to the phone. Finally, apply even pressure to the entire cover, and don’t skimp on pressure to the side wraps. This will help the Toast cover’s 3M adhesive set up completely.

Once painstakingly and lovingly applied, the cover adds a lovely grain with the look and sleek, finished feel of an expensive wooden tabletop, sans the hefty price tag. After using the Toast cover on my LG G3 for about a week, it’s gotten a little worn but that is not a disadvantage. The oil from your fingertips and the wear of daily use adds a bit of character over time that will make your Toast covered phone feel unique and even more beautiful than it already is. Mine sort of looks old-timey, and I really love it. The wood also gives a nice grip to the phone that I wasn’t expecting and was pleasantly surprised to discover. This is thanks to the level of attention to detail to both the backing and the side wraps, which gently curve the wood around the rounded portions of the LG G3 and present the holder’s fingers with a bit of the wood grain between cuts.

What I really love about this wooden cover is that it protects my phone from scratches and dings without adding any bulk whatsoever. Between Toast and a tempered glass screen protector, my LG G3 is totally protected from daily wear and tear.

If you’re looking for a minimalist covering that adds a splash of elegant class, Toast is the perfect covering for your phone. After my experience with this product, I have to give this covering a 4.5 out of 5. You can order a Toast covering for your device by clicking the logo below.

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*We were sent a Toast cover for the LG G3 for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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