Spigen Neo Hybrid iPhone 6 Plus Case Quick Review

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I’ve not been a fan of Spigen cases since my Galaxy S2 days.  I went through a couple of thier cases that just did not hold up at all. So, I took a risk checking out Spigen again. This time around I went with the Spigen Neo Hybrid iPhone 6 Plus case. While there are a good amount of cases already on the market for the 6 Plus, there just isn’t a huge selection of nice looking cases. The Spigen Neo Hybrid had the looks I was hoping to have.


Looking at the design online was a big part of the reason I chose the Neo Hybrid. It looked sleek and minimal, two of my usual wants in a case. Once I got the case and unpackaged it I was not disappointed. It’s wonderfully designed with subtle branding on the back and rim of the bumper. It’s very slim and adds next to nothing to the 6 Plus thickness. The metallized buttons lend a nice accent touch to the bumper and they are extremely tactile and responsive. Spigen has always made good looking cases. The past ones I had issues with was due to broken functionality. Overall, the design of this case scores a 4.5 out of 5.

  • Advanced Shock Absorption Technology: Web Pattern TPU case
  • Combination of TPU and Polycarbonate for drop and scratch protection
  • Slim and form fitted to show the perfect shape of your device
  • Metallized polycarbonate buttons & Metallic finish to frame
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 6 Plus (5.5″) Only – 2014

Functionality & Protection

When I review cases I don’t do drop tests on purpose. I tend to review the case on whether or not I feel it will protect my phone as it should. The Neo Hybrid is extremely thin but well built and I felt like it would protect the phone just fine. Through my testing period I never expected to actually test this but it did happen. While preparing to take my kids on a bike ride I place my phone in my bike holder from Ram Mounts and was getting my 2-year-old’s helmet on. When I turned around I noticed the mount was pressing down on the buttons so I moved to adjust the phone in the holder. What happened next was entirely my fault. While I was trying to push the phone back into position the phone flew out of the holder to the asphalt. This was about a 4 foot drop and the phone landed on one corner, flipped over to another corner and came to rest on its face.


Happy to report that the Spigen Neo Hybrid did its job and protected the phone with no problem. The only damage done was to the case itself, taking some good scuffs to both corners where it landed. My first reaction was horror but once I took the phone out of the case and inspected both the screen and body I was very happy and relieved to see it was in perfect condition. I give the Spigen Neo Hybrid a 4.5 out of 5 for protection and functionality.


If you’re looking for a sleek, minimal and protective case for your iPhone 6 Plus then I highly recommend the Spigen Neo Hybrid. The Amazon reviews are mixed and you might read some reviews complaining about the buttons not working right. I believe that was a first run of product from Spigen as they were trying to get their product out as quickly as possible. I believe they have fixed the situation and are shipping out good units at this time. This unit I reviewed was not a review sample from the company but purchased by me from Amazon. I give the Neo Hybrid 4.6 out 5 overall. It’s worth a look at. Order it by hitting the Spigen logo below, $19.99 at the time of this review.

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*The reviewer purchased this unit for personal use, it was not a demo unit.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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