Exclusive! Big Hero 6 Concept Art From Hollywood Studios


Our very own Justin Jelinek super editor, awesome writer and giant geek had the chance to visit Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios) in Florida and sent us some Big Hero 6 concept art. Justin also reported back a few interesting points about the movie that he discussed with some of the staff at Hollywood Studios. Aside from one character, all the characters in the movie are fighting reluctantly and one character has plasma blades that will cut anything but people (and he’s a pacifist). Female characters are treated with equality in the movie as you will find them to be scientists, engineers, etc, not just pretty faces.

The main character, Hiro Hamada, is Disney’s very first animated mixed race character and the diversity doesn’t stop there, other characters are mixed as well.

Big Hero 6 is shaping up to be one of those super movies that’s a blockbuster before it even hits theaters. I know there’s a lot of folks here at MOARGeek excited to see this film when it comes to theaters, matter of fact I think someone already has dibs on the review and the claws came out for that, LOL. While we’re all waiting you can enjoy some of the concept art Justin sent back to us and check out the latest trailers after the pics.



Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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