South Korea: Samsung Built Robots Can Kill From Two Miles Away


South Korea has deployed some high tech robots along its border with North Korea that can eliminate a target from up to two miles away. The robots, dubbed SGR-1 and built by a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, come with very sensitive heat and motion detectors along with a 5.5mm machine gun and 40mm grenade launcher. The South Koreans plan is to have the SGR-1 work alongside human soldiers along the Demilitarised Zone to help keep the peace. Each SGR-1 is estimated to cost $200,000 but how many the South Koreans have in use has not been released.

Human soldiers can easily fall asleep or allow for the depreciation of their concentration over time,’ Samsung Techwin spokesman Huh Kwang-hak said at the time. But these robots have automatic surveillance, which doesn’t leave room for anything resembling human laziness. They also won’t have any fear (of) enemy attackers on the front lines. The SGR-1 can and will prevent wars.

South Korea is certainly not going to be the last to have these kinds of defenses. As technology gets better, robot based defenses make sense to keep human soldiers out of the line of fire. Looks like ED-209 from Robocop is now in existence, let’s just hope the SGR-1 is more reliable than the ED-209. What do you think of the SGR-1? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

  Source: Daily Mail
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