Weekly Refresh: AT&T’s Internal Data Breach, Snapchat, a Bankruptcy Filing, and More – Oct 5-11

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From an internal data breach at AT&T to Snapchat news and bankruptcy filings, we’ve covered a lot over the past week here at Techaeris. Here’s a quick recap of some of the stories we covered in our Weekly Refresh.


iPad’s topped a list of kid’s favorite brands.

Smarty Pants: Young and Family has compiled a list of kid’s favorite brands and Apple’s iPad beat out some iconic household brands – including Oreo’s – to take the top spot.

Just how desperate are you? Most of the country knows the dire straits the city of Detroit has been in for awhile now and one man shows just how dire the city’s problems are.

By now we’re pretty used to Google Street View cars motoring around our city streets. Google Maps Street View is going where it has never gone before – check out the latest addition to Street View!

Lewis / Unbox Therapy
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 – will it bend like the iPhone 6 Plus?

By now we’ve all seen the iPhone 6 Plus bend video that inspired the most recent trend of trying to bend our electronics. But what about the Galaxy Note 4? Will it bend as well?

Digital photos are so last season. For the ultimate nerd or office pet why not send them a spreadsheet instead?

First the EU, now Japan. A Japanese court has ruled in favor of a man who filed an injunction against Google to remove search results that implicated him in a crime he did not commit. That seems only fair though, don’t you think?

Snapchat users were in for a shock when they started finding their nude photos popping up on 4chan and other places on the internet. The interesting part of this story is Snapchat’s reaction and statement to the press regarding all these compromised accounts.


GWAVA and CellTrust announced earlier this week that they have teamed up to provide companies with archiving of secure, encrypted email, social media, and other mobile electronic communications.

Check out some ways to customize your Android experience.

New to Android? Android customization offers so many options even beyond these 3 apps we’re going to introduce you to. Unlike iOS, Android allows for a deeper level of customization.

You knew this had to be coming eventually. Snapchat announced Wednesday that the popular photo and video sharing site will soon begin including advertisements in their user’s feeds.

The Sony Xperia Z3, with it’s stylish looks, 20.7 MP camera, and PS4 remote play will be coming to Verizon as the Sony Xperia Z3v.

First the iPhone 6’s, then the Note 4’s, now it appears that the Moto 360 hardware may be having issues as well. Several users are reporting that their Motorola Moto 360 smartwatches are cracking along the backs.


We review Spigen’s Neo Hybrid case for the iPhone 6 Plus.

We have a love/hate relationship with Spigen here – from great product to bad customer service and then some. Alex Hernandez took a risk checking out Spigen again. This time around he went with the Spigen Neo Hybrid iPhone 6 Plus case. Find out what you thought about his new case.


Remember Microsoft’s Illumiroom? Microsoft has revealed the successor to the fledgling technology, titled RoomAlive, that will immerse your entire living space in a virtual world.


Yike! Greg Morris’ iPhone 6 Plus felt left out and wanted to be part of ‘#Bendgate’. Not a huge problem, but the service he have received so far most definitely is! Read on to see what he experienced trying to get his phone replaced.

Greg writes up another editorial this week. Considering how vested many users are in a particular ecosystem, he questions if reviewing or considering another platform is really possible?

Satya Nadella
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had something interesting to say earlier this week…

Oh boy… Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made a whoopsie on Thursday when he phrased an answer to a question about gender equal pay in a pretty bad way. Was it really that bad?

Do we really need an HTC RE? Or a smartwatch, or a Bluetooth earbud – or anything for that matter. Stop filling my bag with more stuff! Check out this editorial on the seemingly endless launching of peripherals.


DxOMark, a camera testing and rating site, has released ratings for the new iPhone 6/6 Plus mobile cameras. Find out how they fared against other devices, as well as what devices were missing from the test.

HTC released something on Wednesday that is kind of quirky: the RE. The RE is an action cam that isn’t quite POV but people will probably classify it as one. What do you think about HTC’s… interesting… new action cam?


Go to Mars with NASA! (well… sorta)

Fancy going to Mars? NASA is giving you the chance to make your mark in space by putting your name on Orion test flights in the form of fully trackable boarding passes.


Could be trouble for the upcoming Apple Watch. GT Advanced Technologies, one of Apple’s key partners with a $578 million dollar contract to supply Sapphire displays, has filed for bankruptcy.

MIT’s Media Lab and Twitter announced a 5 year, $10 million initiative to study ways to better understand social media. Twitter will be handing over both every message ever tweeted and a real-time feed of active tweets as part of the agreement. Interesting…

AT&T Confirms Customers Personal Data Compromised
What do you do when a data breach comes from INSIDE your company?

As if external data breaches aren’t enough, Businessweek is reporting that an AT&T employee gained access to around 1600 users private data including social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, and more.

Bloomberg is reporting that Samsung Electronics earnings are taking a 60% hit due to slumping sales of their Galaxy smartphones. Competition from cheaper Chinese devices like Lenovo, Huwaei, Oppo, Meizu and others are eating into Samsung’s market share.

What do you do when a  copyright case ruling doesn’t go in your favor? Google is taking the Java copyright case with Oracle to the U.S. Supreme Court in hopes it can get a lower courts ruling overturned.


Ken Block, professional rally driver, loves his Ford truck so much so that he needed to modify one to take it in the snow. Check out this beast!


Plex for Xbox will feature a redesigned interface (courtesy Plex).

Plex has announced a release date for the anticipated port to Xbox One and Xbox 360. The popular streaming media app was available on the Xbox One on October 7th, with the Xbox 360 version following shortly.

Stephen Hawking, you probably know him best as a brilliant scientist, physicist and winner of numerous scientific awards. Now Hawking will be lending his synthesized voice to Pink Floyd’s latest album The Endless River.

Box Office Mojo has effectively been wiped off the internet and merged into its parent company IMDB. Will its vast amount of data be put behind a paywall?

That about wraps up our Weekly Refresh – look for our recap every Sunday for a quick glance at what you may have missed over the past week. As always, the staff here at Techaeris thanks you – our readers – for checking us out throughout the week and thank you for your continued support. After all, we write because we love to share what interests us and keep you informed on tech happenings around the world!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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