Facebook and Apple Will Freeze Eggs as Job Benefit

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There may not be a huge amount of competition between Facebook and Apple on the surface but, behind the scenes, they are fighting for the best people to come and work for them, as are only so many highly talented people that are going to be chased by companies in the tech industry. The rivalry is real when it comes to getting people to come to one instead of the other and Apple and Facebook just upped the ante for females in the industry by offering benefits that would allow them to freeze their eggs.

Facebook already offers the benefit and Apple will be doing so at the beginning of next year. The two companies also offer the benefit to men who want to postpone having kids. Often times, the benefits of a job can be a huge reason that you choose one over the other. The idea is that women have the option to have children later on, and focus on furthering their career while they are young. This is a big step for both Facebook and Apple; I would expect to see other tech companies doing something similar.

This is also a big step towards equality for women in the workplace, a topic that I discussed early this week when Satya Nadella made an unintentionally sexism comment concerning raises for women. It takes the pressure off women to start a family, which more often than not sets women back in their career and many do not even return which is something that big tech companies don’t want. This is something that is not only fairly new technology, but it also is a big step towards changing the family dynamic of the 21st century.

Is this something that every company will begin to offer as a benefit? If people are having children later and later because of this, we will avoid the problems associated with older mothers becoming pregnant, but will we encounter some other problems with people starting a family when they are older?

What do you think? Would you freeze your eggs in order to keep furthering your career?

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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